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My name is Shaunelius Sterns, and I am a writer, podcaster, poet, storyteller, and Abstract Artist. I have four other blogs as well here on WordPress. I enjoy a lot of different things. I will be sharing all of that in due time. So, keep an eye out for new content. Happy journaling!

Enjoying Being Blessed.

Although I have been writing for a very long time, this journal will be filled with what inspires me, and the things I think about. It will be kind of different from my other writings so to speak. This will be raw and to the point, but clean for readers to enjoy. So, with that being said, travel along with me on my journaling journey into the unknown. ©2021

Pop a bottle and raise your glasses, it is a New Year!

This has been the first Christmas, and New Year for Diva’s Journal. I am enjoying sharing my thoughts and opinions here in my journal. Let us see what this year will bring for me to share. Happy New Year every one! ©2022 January 2, 2022 Sunday.

We made it to 2022!
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