A Much Needed Walk

Today was alright until things went south for the Winter, meaning: things went wrong. I left. I literally walked away and took a much needed walk. As I was walking it out, I began to sweat. While I was walking, I suppose I was power walking and didn’t realize it. I made it to my destination pretty quick; I guess that is how mad I was.

As I reached my destination, I felt better. I began to calm down and enjoy the scenery around me. I enjoyed the sounds around me. It was as if I was in my own little corner in the world, just me and the critters chattering around me. As it began to get late I looked at the art wall. It was so inviting and creative. The artwork was beautiful. Next time I will take some pictures to share.

Everything is quiet now. No words are being spoken. I plan to continue to take these much needed walks under better circumstances…I wish to enjoy myself alone as I did this evening. Until next time, take that much needed walk.

Mickey and Donald walking it out.

Published by Shaunelius Sterns

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 21 years now. I am a Christian, poet, singer, songwriter, and artist. I have five beautiful children. I enjoy writing and reading my Bible. I also love to pray for others. I love nature and being outside on sunny days. I love spending time with my family and watching shows that makes me laugh.

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