My Evenings, Nights, and Overnights at Work

There are days when I just do not feel like going to work, but I know I have to go to make money. There are days when I go to work and everything is up in the air, and it is as it nothing will go right. There are days when I go to work and time fly by so fast, it seems like it’s already the next day. I do enjoy talking with my coworkers about nothing just to make work fun; without conversation it would be very boring. It can get to be a bit much at times but it is worth it.

I can admit, that in the beginning it was very hard for me to adjust getting to where I needed to be, but I finally found my way around. Sometimes I still get turned around, but it is only when I am in a rush. When I stay over and work until morning, I become really tired. There are days and nights when I walk home, and sometimes I walk to work. I enjoy helping out and doing my part to make someone feel better just by giving them a comfortable place to rest and a clean room to recover in. What more can I say? I finally have a place to go where what I do matters. I finally have bosses who appreciate me for the hard work I do every day. I have bosses who understand when I have business to take care of. I am truly blessed.

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Published by Shaunelius Sterns

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 21 years now. I am a Christian, poet, singer, songwriter, and artist. I have five beautiful children. I enjoy writing and reading my Bible. I also love to pray for others. I love nature and being outside on sunny days. I love spending time with my family and watching shows that makes me laugh.

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