Raising Children

What were your parents doing at your age?

When my mom was my age, she was raising us. She had fun making cakes to celebrate our birthdays. We went shopping, she decorated our Easter baskets, and so much more. I miss those times being a kid. She made sure I went to church. She did a lot for us when she was my age.

Moms are awesome!

Moms will never stop being moms. It doesn’t matter how old we live to be, we will always be moms. Our children will always be our children no matter how old they live to be. To be a mom is a blessing. There are so many children in the world who are alone without anyone to take care of them. Children are a blessing. There are some women who can’t conceive because of health situations, but adoption is available for those who wants to adopt children.

I am thankful that my mom was blessed to have us, and I am grateful to have been able to have my children. Kudos to all of the moms. Keep having an open heart.

This is for my mom.

Published by Shaunelius Sterns

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 21 years now. I am a Christian, poet, singer, songwriter, and artist. I have five beautiful children. I enjoy writing and reading my Bible. I also love to pray for others. I love nature and being outside on sunny days. I love spending time with my family and watching shows that makes me laugh.

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