Do You Vote In Political Elections: Writing Prompt

The answer is yes. I vote to let my voice be heard. If you don’t vote for what you want: you can’t complain about anything. Everyone has a right to vote about things they agree or disagree upon. Everyone has their own views on things when it comes to politics and what’s going on in the world. I look at it like this; promises are made when election time comes around, but will those promises be kept by the person(s) making them? Will they do all that they say they will do for the people? We should take them at their word and hope they will fulfill their promises. Yes, there will be disappointments at some point.

Back in the day, there were voting issues going on just as it is now. Back then, it was about race, but now it isn’t like that; there are more pressing issues that have been addressed on television about the election. I believe it will always be something concerning voting and how things will turn out. I try not to let things like that get to me because once it is all said and done, whoever wins will be in the Whitehouse. I hope this coming election will go smoothly. Vote or stay silent, it’s your choice.

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Published by Shaunelius Sterns

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 21 years now. I am a Christian, poet, singer, songwriter, and artist. I have five beautiful children. I enjoy writing and reading my Bible. I also love to pray for others. I love nature and being outside on sunny days. I love spending time with my family and watching shows that makes me laugh.

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