At the End Of the Day

Turning In

Sleep Calls

Today has been very long. I caught up on a few things, ate, and read my Bible. Normally I would have listened to one of my podcasts, or just listened to some music. I just needed my space to think about my life, and reflect over this year. Now that I am all finished with everything I needed to do, I shall turn in for tonight so I can sleep sweet, and have good dreams. Good night. 12/11/21 Saturday ©2021

Sunday, 12/12/21 Long Day

Today was beautiful. I just chilled out after talking to my son. Now that today has come to an end, I am still thinking about Hebrews. I will go back to it tomorrow to continue my studies. I can say it was a good day. Until tomorrow, goodnight, and sweet dreams. ©2021

Sunday, 12/19/21 Being Creative

Today was one of those days I just wanted to be alone to let my creativity shine through. I have been writing all day long. I am somewhat emotional. My emotions and feelings are through the roof. I didn’t really know if I will sleep at all tonight. I called my son, and sent a text but did not receive an answer either way. I guess he will answer when he has time. I hope to have a good night, but I will write until I get sleepy. Until tomorrow, good night. ©2021


Today has been good. My son is going back to college! I am so proud and excited for him! We talked about good things and what we want for the new year for us. We made good decisions, and we are holding one another accountable in keeping ourselves focused on our goals. One day and night at a time. Well, it is chilly with it being the first day of Winter!❄️❄️🧤🧤🧣🧣I am just enjoying my night before I turn in. Well, I have more writing to do. Until tomorrow, good night. 12/21/21 Tuesday night@ 11:53 ©2021


Well, today has been good. The temperature outside dropped. It got cold in the sunroom where I was sitting, so I went in the bedroom and sat on the bed and watched movies, and read my Bible. After that, I just wrote a little story called Winter Rush. All in all it was a good night. Time to turn in. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams. 12/22/21 Wednesday 11:55 p.m. ©2021

Calling it a Day

Today was some kind of day. It started off well until we were looked over when it came time to get our booster shot. It almost went down. That was taken care of quickly. My arm is still hurting though. Tylenol did not help, so I took some Ibuprofen. I am calling it a day. I have a lot to do tomorrow. Sweet dreams. 12/23/21 Thursday 11:50 p.m. ©2021

Getting Ready to Turn In

It is Christmas Eve, and I am tired. I have prepared to cook for in the morning, laundry is done, and my floors are done, and my hair is done. I have to redo my nails after I finish other stuff, but it will take some time. Talked to my son for a while, cleaned my casserole dish. Now I am turning in for tonight. Anything else I need to do will be done in the morning. Until daylight, sweet dreams. 12/24/21 Friday 11:50 p.m. ©2021

Merry Christmas!

Today has been wonderful! I really enjoyed myself today. I talked to my children to. Everything turned out perfect like I knew it would. I cannot wait until tomorrow comes, everything will be even better. Well, I am about to call it a night. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams. 12/25/21 Saturday @11:00 p.m. ©2021

The Day After Christmas

Today has been wonderful. The sun came out and the sky went from gray to blue,and the clouds turned pretty and white. I caught up on some writing that I had to finish, cleaned my kitchen and ate dinner. Now I am winding down to turn in. I am waiting for my food to digest before I go go sleep so my stomach don’t hurt. Well since I am waiting, I will get caught up on a few more things. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams. 12/26/21 Sunday night @ 11:48 ©2021

What a Night!

What can I say about tonight? It was good that I got to talk to my baby girl twice today with good news, my dream for her is about to come true, Praise God! Hallelujah! My baby will be home soon! I saw something that really ticked me off. I wrote a short story tonight called Endless Streams, it turned out beautiful. It was another dream sequence. I am working on one that I started a few months ago, but soon as I finish it, I will add it to my Short Stories page. I am thinking about going through my journals and writing some of them there to. My day and night has been something to remember. I don’t know if I will sleep tonight. My emotions are still raw and on the surface. I really have a headache. I was going to eat, but I lost my appetite. I guess I will call it a night. Until tomorrow, good night.  12/27/21 Monday @ 11:58 p.m. ©2021

Turning In To Sleep

Today was amazing. I had my interview at Red Lobster, it was perfect. Talked to my son tonight, we had a comedy moment as usual, the funny word was: RADIOLOGY. LOL! I laughed so hard for so long, OMG! It was so funny. We talked for an hour and some minutes until my phone started dinging because the battery was about to go out. I will call him tomorrow to see how his night went. Well, I am calling it a night. Until tomorrow, good night and pretty dreams. ©2021. 12/28/21 Tuesday 11:50 p.m.

Ending My Day

Today has been wonderful. Cloudy, but pretty. I wrote my short story, and I just enjoyed myself with my sweetheart. We watched movies. Overall it was a great day. Until tomorrow, good night. ©2021 Wednesday @ 11:50 p.m. 12/29/21

Good Night

Today has been a very good day. Had my second interview at Red Lobster. Cleaned the car out. Listened to some music videos, watched movie. Now I am going to bed. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams. ©2021. 12/30/21 Thursday @ 11:50 p.m.

Good Night to 2021

Today has been good. I enjoyed myself all day long. I cannot believe this year has come to a close. Hopefully the new coming year will be better considering the circumstances we are facing together. Whatever I do, I am going to remain positive. Well it is 12:00, Happy New Year! See ya later. 12/31/21 Friday. ©2021

Happy New Year everyone!

Can you believe it is 2022 already? I recorded my first show on this morning as I said I was going to do at the beginning of the year. It was a success! Well, it has been a very long day, I made my cheese cake though. I am turning in. Sweet dreams. ©2022 January 1, 2022, Saturday night @ 11:50 p.m.

My year is going to be great!

Calling it a Night 1/2/22 Sunday 11:28 p.m.

Today is the second day of the year, and it was a beautiful day. I didn’t get to enjoy the sunshine because it was very cold. I spent my day writing and updating my stuff, and watching videos. I just enjoyed myself alone in my room. I cooked shrimp and baked potatoes in the oven an hour ago, and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. My sweet heart is sleeping from the food I cooked as always. Well, I guess I will relax until I fall asleep. Until tomorrow, good night. Happy New Year! ©2022

Sweet Dreams!

A Long Day 1/3/22 Monday

Today was a nice day. I really didn’t do much. I watched videos and relaxed. Talked to my son for a while. Now I am tired. I am going to bed. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams. ©2022

Cold and Chilly 1/4/22 Tuesday

Today was pretty, cold, and chilly. The sun shined, and the sky was blue. Called a few jobs, relaxed and caught a few things up. I ate, listened to my show, washed the dishes and put them up, showered, now I am going to bed. Good night, and sweet dreams. ©2022

Holding On 2/20/22 Sunday

My grandmother passed on Monday, 2/14/22 on Valentine’s Day night. Since then it has been nothing but hell since Wednesday night at my cousin’s house. Curtis will not take me to see my grandmother for the last time. Saturday, on the 26th is when it will be at 11:00 at the cemetery in the city where I grew up.

It is wrong for him to treat me like this, and curse me out. Who does that to their wife? I will keep holding on to the memories I have and the things she taught me all of my life.. Good night.©2022

These will brighten my day.
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