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Everyone has questions about love and relationships. Here you can find answers to your questions, and maybe even a few quotes. Feel free to ask what you may, and I will try my best to answer those questions for you. Until those questions fill your mind, keep on being sweet.

What can we say about love? I have watched so many movies on love and romance until it isn’t even funny. Love is something that two people share together with giving themselves to one another. Love is special. It means something, it is a word that carries a lot of weight that pertains to the heart. Love is a word that cannot be played around with. It is a very important subject matter.

When talking about love, it has to be approached with care and tenderness. Love can be beautiful, but it can also bring sadness at some point in life. When two people have been together for many years, such as being married, that union is supposed to last forever, but it doesn’t always work out like that. It may not always be that way because sometimes people split up because they fall out of love, or because one passes on. The advice tip on love I am giving you today is this: Love one another to the fullest. Enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the time you have together. Until next time, stay in love.

L.A. c.2022


When thinking about the matters of the heart, it makes one wonder what is really in there. We keep so much in our heart to the point that I am surprised it still beats. All of our feelings are kept there and things we often do not want to talk about, but eventually does. Love is in the heart; it is where it resides. Once our heart is broken it takes a while for it to mend. We sit and think about what makes us feel bad, what broke our heart in the first place, and what we are going to do to make sure it never happens again. This is normally where we eat our favorite comfort foods that makes us feel good. This is where we find that favorite movie that’s going to make us laugh, and this is where we realize that we just need to let it be. Matters of the heart is a process. It is nothing that we can forget about, because in all reality, we are going to protect our heart at all costs. So, the next time someone breaks your heart, or does something to make you feel bad, just know that it all will pass; it is only temporary. So, in the meanwhile keep being your sweet self.

c.2022 L.A.

Carrying Love in a Heavy Heart

I cannot seem to get my mind off of the heart. How do we manage to carry love in a heavy heart? Our heart has four chambers, it does enough to keep us alive. Carrying love in a heavy heart can be stressful at times, especially when the one you love breaks your heart. Yes, it is hard to carry it even then but we do. We try not to give in to our feelings, but we who are sensitive wears our heart on our sleeve; so, it is easily broken. It is not that we are not hard, nor are we weak but our feelings are easily hurt. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some males are just as sensitive as women are whether straight or otherwise; we are all human beings and not animals. Love is a beautiful thing even if we have to carry it in a heavy heart.

c.2022. L.A.

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