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My Favorite Quotes

These will be different quotes from different people. I will be adding some of my own quotes as well. They will be for encouragement, inspiration, and more. I hope you all enjoy them and be enlightened.

It doesn’t matter where one starts, just so long as you start. -Shaunelius L. Sterns
This Never gets old! Merry Christmas!
Stay focused.
Absolutely True.
No one can write your story except you.
We are all different, so, therefore we are all beautiful.
Do not give up on what you want. – Shaunelius L. Sterns
Beautiful color of Autumn in the sun.
No one is defined by their past, it is where it belongs. Let your future speak, and your present be known.” – Shaunelius L. Sterns ©2021
Merry Christmas to everyone, and Happy New Year!
Good advice…something to think about.
Pretty country evening.
Yes it is.

A person can only do one thing at a time even though we have two hands. Sometimes we try to multitask to get things done faster, but something always end up not getting done. Do one thing at a time and other things will be done as well in due time. Do not rush through life, because if you do you do you will miss out on the good things it has to offer. ©2021 Shaunelius L. Sterns

True loyalty is hard to find.
Let nothing hold you back.©2022 Shaunelius L. Sterns 1/1/22 Saturday

Happy New Years everyone! I hope your day is going great, mine is!🌹 Let nothing hold you back from accomplishing your dreams, and goals in life. Today I will rise above my fears. ©2022


Today is January 2, 2022, Sunday, the second day of the new year. It is a beautiful day today, but it is cold outside. This is one of those pretty days where the sun shines, but there’s no heat from the sun. Happy New Year! ©2022

Absolutely. 1/3/22 Monday
1/4/22 Tuesday, Amen.
4/21/22 Thursday
“Beauty is in the eyes of those who can see it.– S. Sterns 4/21/22 Thursday
Absolutely 5/29/2022. Sunday


Welcome to CHATTY QUOTES! These quotes will be funny and interesting to talk about. So, lets have fun in 2022!

Always On My Mind

Sometimes things happen that we cannot just stop thinking about, even when we are asleep. It is always on our “mind”. See how it is going around and around? There’s always something on our mind going around and around. ©2022 January 1, 2022 Saturday

1/2/22 Sunday. Today has been quiet. I just spent time alone writing and watching videos. I am happy in my own way though. I just want to be happy this year, but if I am not, I will act like I am until I am. Nevertheless, I will be alright. This is why I created Chatty Quotes to make me smile and laugh. Until next time, deuces. Happy New Year! ©2022

This is funny!

There is nothing wrong with being happy with what one has. It shows you are thankful and not greedy. It takes hard work to have the things one wants. There is nothing wrong with wanting more when it is going to improve your life. Until next time, deuces.©2022 January 2, 2022 Sunday

1/3/22 Monday

When two or more people have been friends for many years and one or two starts doing better in their finances, sometimes the other friend began to feel left out, or feel like they don’t fit in anymore. That is when your friendship will start to be filled with tension. Friends should not look down on their friend who’s struggling, they are supposed to lift them up and let them know that they will be friends regardless if the other is rich or poor. We are not to look down on people because of their circumstances they are going through. We are to let them know that we are there for them. Don’t let money change you , or look at others differently. ©2022

“Always be yourself”. Shaunelius L. Sterns, January 4, 2022 ©2022

There is nothing wrong with being yourself. Why would a person want to be someone other than who they are. Don’t copy others and how they act, or do the things they do. You don’t want to copy fake people, or you will become fake like them. Be genuine. Be your unique self. You don’t have to wear a mask to hide your true self to copy others. Be who you were created to be. ©2022

I just want to be free! ” ©2022 Feb. 20, 2022 Sunday
Beautiful and quiet. 3/4/22 Friday
4/21/22, Thursday-‘Do not worry about tomorrow, just live for today.’ – S. Sterns
Absolutely. 5/29/2022 Sunday Morning.

Fun Places

This is where I will talk about different places to go and have fun. This will be coming in 2022. So, let us get to hanging out and having fun!

Watching fireworks is fun!

It doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to enjoy fireworks. ©2022 March 26, 2022, Saturday

Carnivals are fun places!
Water Parks are fun places!
Going to a favorite diner can be a fun place for adults and kids. 5/29/2022 Sunday Morning.
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