Short Stories

Stories by, Shaunelius L. Sterns ©2021

These stories will be stories that I will write from my own imagination. They will be very interesting. They will take your mind on journeys that it has never been on before, so stay tuned to see what is coming up in a little while. Until then, let your imagination run wild. ©2021


Beautiful Waters of Flowing Streams.

                    Endless Streams

Traveling down the streams in my mind, I come to the realization that I am in a dream. Colors flowing around me like water flowing down an endless stream. Looking to the left and right of me is so beautifully crafted with gorgeous flowers of every kind.  Where does one begin to walk to take it all in? It is endless. Is this what paradise looks like? Is this what real beauty is supposed to look like? Is this where happiness and joy lives? Is this pure tranquility? Why can’t real life be this beautiful? This is a beautiful dream. As I float along this endless stream of radiance, I find myself having visions of what could have been, and still could be but this is just a dream and not reality. Could it come true if I wanted it to?  I don’t know what to think about it all, but whatever I decide dream or reality, the decision is mine to make.

Looking up at the sky in my dream makes me wonder what is beyond it. It makes me wonder if there is really something on the other side.  Whatever is there is not meant for us to know as of yet. This is a lucid dream because it seems so real.  It is as if the flowers can be picked and put into a vase with water.

It is as if the land is moving around, and the flowers are jumping for the joy of it all.  The flowers are changing colors as the ground move beneath them., but the sky is pretty with bright purple colors. What if the sky was like this in real life? What if the ground actually moved in real life and took us where we wanted to go? What if we could touch the sky with our hands to know what it really feels like? What if the flowers could talk to us and tell us not to pick them, because when we do, they cannot grow anymore? What if we could walk on water to other places in the world like we can in our dreams? That would be amazing! Traveling in my dream is wonderful, I get to do all of the things I can’t do in reality. This dream is so exciting, if I could stay in it forever I would, but unfortunately, I have to wake up sometime. This has been a great dream adventure. Maybe I will visit it again sometime in my dreams to float on a journey down endless beautiful streams. ©2021

Water over the rocks.

Light flashes in the background as the water flows over the rocks flowing into a running stream. Where does it end? No one knows except the water that is cascading over the small waterfall that is there. Autumn colors grace the tree leaning over the riverbank while the other one glances on in the distance. Moss graces the sides of the rocks for the small critters that lives there. The sun graces the sky in the distance lighting up the stream as it flows to its unknown destination. How beautiful it is in the tranquility that surrounds the land that has been there for generations. As the red holly fruit pops through the green trees which stands there bunched up to keep warm from the chill of the water as it flows near them to keep them lush and growing, the illuminated sky covers them from above.

Just imagine yourself being in a place like this to get away from all of the stress that one goes through from day to day. To just float in a canoe letting all of the stress float away. How great it would be if this were real and not a dream sequence? How wonderful it would be to wake up and see something like this right outside in your backyard? Dreams are beautiful and tranquil. Why can’t real life be the same?

Let’s take a walk in the mountains to see what is there. Let’s explore the trails and valleys, the peaks and all it has to share with us in nature. Looking back at the river that’s flowing down the waterfall is like looking into an endless ocean. Clouds in the sky are passing by as the world turns in the universe holding things together. The ground is still, soaking up the beauty of it all.  Listen to the whispers of the quietness. Listen to the sounds of the water as it flows softly over the rocks. Listen to the sound of the melodies it makes with every beat of the heart which beats at its own rhythm. Hum to yourself the sounds you hear in the distance from the wind that blows through the trees that surrounds the mountains.

Think of all of the sea life that lives in the water so deep. Think of their families that are growing in the water that is their home. Go down to visit them sometimes instead of fishing them out for food. As I said, dreams are beautiful places to go to get away from reality of real life. Living here in my dream is just a fantasy, but I have to awaken to real life as I leave the waterfall where the water flows over the rocks. ©2021.

Flowing With the Morning

Good morning sunshine! Good morning beautiful waterfall! Good morning flowing river! Beauty surrounds the morning is so radiant. The water flows slowly to a destination unknown as the morning clouds rolls in to greet the clear sky. The morning sun sends beautiful rays to dance and glow behind the rocks that gives off a reflection in the water. Fall colors shine bright as the green, lush wall of trees surrounds the waterfall to the left, but the right side is glowing with radiance as such that has never been seen before.

Walking up the rocks that looks like steps in the water, it is as if I could walk right up to the sky and touch it. I could feel the cool breeze flowing in the air around me. The elder rocks look on and enjoy the flow of the water. The trees ask the elder rocks how they are doing. The elder rocks tell them that they are fine. All of the sea life speaks to everyone in their own soft water voice. Everything is in peaceful harmony. Everything is just how it is supposed to be. Beautiful tranquility in the morning makes the day even more beautiful.

What a beautiful dreamworld? Only if it were real. I feel like taking a swim to see what else is in the water besides what really lives there…maybe there are treasures to be found, maybe there is a pirate ship deep down deep in ruins, and maybe there’s a whole world unknown down there, but who knows?

The water is chilly, but that’s alright. I am enjoying myself exploring the unknown. There’s so much to see here. The water is clear, and I can see everything around me. It is so beautiful down here, if I had gills, I could swim down here forever, but I don’t. The fish are so pretty. There are so many different kinds. The turtles are so big and elderly looking. The shrimp are so small, and the crab and lobster are even larger than some of the fish and other sea life.

The rays of the sun are shining through the water, it is so breathtakingly beautiful. If I had a camera that worked under water, I could take lots of pictures for memories to share. Well, my eyes are fluttering, I suppose it is time for me to come back to reality, to come back to the real world of real life. What a journey it has been flowing with the morning. ©2022

Cascading Stairs of Waterfalls

Walking up this cascading waterfall in my mind takes me to beautiful places filled with happiness and joy that gives me a since of peace within. Rivers and streams flow to their destinations unknown, but greets me with a refreshing hello. What beautiful scenery surrounds the water and the rocks which rest wherever they wish. Only if it were not in my mind! Only if I could actually experience this dream, maybe I would not be so stressed. Walking up the stairs of this waterfall in my mind makes me feel like I can walk on water. Sitting down on a step putting my feet in the water is cool and refreshing. And the water glides over my feet, my mind is transported to beautiful clouds and rainbows draped with silver and gold linings. Beautiful and blue the water flows watering everything that it touches.

It is as if it is Spring time here in this beautiful valley of waterfalls in my mind. How tranquil it is here listening to the water as it flows over the rocks that steps on one another leading each wave to break on the landing that lies before it. Feel the cool breeze as it sweeps over the visiting soul only for a minute. Look at the sky with such beauty and splendor, it is as if one can touch it just by reaching up. How one wishes it were so and not just a dream, not just a fantasy. It is as if I can hear the music of the birds singing in the background their sweet melodies who no one knows the words to except them.

How sad that this dream must come to an end. Until the next dream is dreamt, let your imagination run freely to give one amazing story to write and to share. Literary Artist.

© 02/14/2022 Monday night

Where Will This Bridge Take You?

Sunshine, rainbows, waterfalls, flowers, and a bridge, in all of this beauty there’s a bridge connecting to the other side, but what we don’t know is this: Where does it lead to? What’s on the other side of the bridge? Whatever is there it must be beautiful. It must be a place where there’s nothing but peace and joy. It must be a place where sorrow doesn’t exist. Whenever I see a bridge, I wonder how long it is, how long it took to build it, who built it, and how many bolts are in it, and how it is in the sky. Bridges are beautiful works of steel art that takes lots of concentration, correct measuring, and precise cutting and welding skills.

It isn’t something that can be done in one day. It takes months and years to build and construct the right way. Enough with the technical stuff. This was supposed to be a short story, but it turned out like this.

Look at the flowers how pretty and pink they are. Look at the green grass and how pretty it is. Look at how pretty and blue the waterfall is with the white foam. The water must be perfect to grow such beautiful flowers. I wonder what is beneath it. I wonder if the water is cool to the touch. I wonder just how deep it is. One could only imagine breathing in the crisp breeze that comes from the flowing water as it cascades down to flow down the stream to the other side of the bridge. On the other side of the unknown that cannot be seen but only imagined in one’s mind in their imagination. We all have an imagination, and we all have bridges to cross, but where will they lead us when we began to cross over on the other side of it?

Will it be a place where we would want to be? Will we be able to find joy there, to make it our home? Will there be places to shop, hang out and have fun? Will there be places to work? Will there be churches to attended? Will there be grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants to dine at? Will there be parks for the children to play and have fun? Whatever meets us on the other side, I hope it is very beautiful. Where will your bridge lead you to? Do not stop using your imagination. It will take you to places you have never been before.

Moving With the Rain and Waterfalls

Walking in my dream, I am on the bank of the waterfalls looking up at the sky as the clouds move while rain trickles from the sky. Thick lush greenery surrounds the river as the water flows freely to the shore to help the rain water the earth that surrounds me. Light shines in the far distance as the rain and the waterfalls shake hands as they greet one another on land to talk about the smell that is in the air from them both. The river travels in two directions unknown by that which has no light shining directly on it. Is life giving me a choice in which direction to go, or is life traveling in both directions which leads to the same place but at different times? Who knows except the flow of the river and the rain that falls from the sky shaded in colors of different orange? Red stands out bold like power that comes from the sun in all radiance. What is beyond the horizon and beneath the flow of the current that gives the water directions? Water cascades slowly down the falls as if it has a mind of its own and knows what to do at any given moment.

Walking on the water, touching the sky, feeling the softness of the clouds that are filled with sweet rain, talking to the trees, and talking to the waves with foam makes for a wonderful story within a dream to write about. There’s not a bird in sight to say good morning to, or hear their sweet morning song. It is very chilly walking on this water, but I am free in the tranquility of unreality moving with the rain and waterfalls.

Reaching down to quench my thirst, the water is fresh and sweet as honey mixed with lemon juice with a hint of peppermint. The foam is like whipped cream on strawberry shortcake. Reaching over to pluck a few leaves from the lush trees, they bend so I can easily take as much as I needed to eat. As I was eating the leaves, they tasted like kiwi fruit that had been planted only to grow leaves. As I began to look around where I was, I began to realize I was no longer in my dream. I had moved back to reality moving with the rain and waterfalls.

Reality is not so bad when one knows they can leave in a dream when they want to. I always have a special place to go to when I want to get away from it all. Moving with the rain and waterfalls. ©2022

We all Travel on Bridges and Roads

For as long as I can remember, there has always been bridges and roads on which people traveled. Long ago, bridges were made of wood, concrete, and steel, but some were built right with good materials that are still standing today. Others were made with not so good materials and did not last very long. Back then there were not any vehicles so people either walked, or had horses and buggies to get where they wanted to go. Trains came along later, as did cars buses, and airplanes. Bridges are still used today to connect us to other places in the world. What would it be like today if there were not any bridges? Would there be freeways in cities like it is now? Back then there were not freeways for people to ride on, the roads were flat. Roads and bridges have come a long way since back then. Progress has changed a lot, and it is still moving forward. I just wonder what it will be like twenty years from now, especially how the vehicles will be built, some of them are already electric and fully loaded. Some bridges are very high in the air. I remember when we went to Baytown in 2014, the bridge we went over was so high, I could feel my heartbeat in my stomach. I have not ever been that high in the air in my whole life on this earth. I never want to be that high again. I was so glad when we made it home. That made me appreciate where I live where there are not bridges like that. Bridges and roads will always be around, it is how we get to different places and experience new places in the world. Thank God for automobiles, because if we were still having to resort to other means of transportation, such as horses and buggies, would we be able to endure the horrid smell of their backends? I do know that the exhaust isn’t good for the ozone layer, but we do not have to sit behind the tailpipes of cars and trucks and endure it, we do have the option to let our windows up so we do not have to smell it.

Well what bridges have you been on that frightened you, and how did you react to the experience from it? The experience I had has made me afraid to drive on a freeway, or even on a toll road, because some of them are up in the air, and I am especially afraid of heights, but I guess one day that will be something I will have to face to get over my fear of it. It has been fun talking about bridges and roads, and modes of transportation then and now. This was supposed to be a short story, but it turned out to be a trip down history lane. The next story I write will be a short story. I guess it turned out this way because I watch a lot of westerns where there are only horses and buggies that was used to get around, so I guess this is where this story came from. Usually, I will write a dream sequence, or a fantasy, but not this time. Until next time, happy writing. ©2022

A Quiet Place to Walk and Reflect

Looking at the butterflies and the flowers walking along this beautiful path in my mind takes me on a journey of peace and tranquility. I can feel the warm sun as it warms my body as the wind softly blows cooling off the atmosphere for just a little while. The butterflies flutter from flower to flower gathering nectar to themselves and taking the sweet juice with them. The flowers smell so sweet and they look so pretty living in harmony side by side. What a beautiful place to be. Walking down this path makes me think about walking down the path of life that is not always going to be beautiful as this. In my mind, I always thought that things were supposed to be perfect, but it isn’t. On the path of life, there will be good and bad people on every side. Some will care and others will not. Some will be there when you need them, and others will not. Some will have your best interest at heart, but others will not. Some will give you a shoulder to cry on, and others will not. Some will weep with you and others will not. But along that path of life, we are not walking alone even though it may feel like that. If I could really walk down this path that is so beautiful, I would stop and smell the flowers along the way to my destination wherever it leads me to. Life has a lot of twists and turns, there’s never just a straight path to walk on unless it is found in the spirit. Wherever life takes me, I hope it is a beautiful place just like this. I hope it is filled with love and peace, and harmony. I hope it is filled with joy everlasting. Walking down this path in my mind makes me wish that reality was this simple and beautiful. It makes me wish that it was nothing that could bring me hurt and pain. Maybe one day in reality I will get to experience something as amazing as this. Well, keep on walking along the path that is set before you, because I know I am. Until we meet again along this path again in my mind, may your days be beautiful and bright.

Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Who would have ever thought that butterflies and hummingbirds could get along in the same place while doing the same thing? It is funny how animals can get along with each other, but we as human beings cannot always get along with one another. The gate is open, but none of them are trying to get away from the next one. They are peaceful in what they are doing. Drinking nectar is their common goal. They both like the sweet taste of it. I see the little yellow bird standing on the birdbath enjoying themselves watching the butterflies and the hummingbirds having fun. The sun is shining and the grass on the other side is pretty and green. What more could be done to make their day even brighter?

Animals never complain about what they do or don’t have. They know where they are in the food chain, but they do what they have to do to stay alive and survive. Maybe one day life will be simple, but until then, I am just going to enjoy watching the animals get along. This is such a beautiful place. It looks quiet and tranquil. I would love to have a garden just like that do I could watch the butterflies and the hummingbirds, and all who would venture there to have a good time.

Garden Stream

Thank you so much for enjoying my wonderful stories, Everyone!

Shaunelius L. Sterns

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